What We Do


Aetos Construction, LLC specializes in all your wet infrastructure service needs such as demolition, grading,installation, repair or removal of underground utilities and restoration of the work site. Whether residential or commercial we have a vast amount of experience with water mains, storm water systems and management, sanitary sewers, and various other underground utilities.  We understand the importance of surveys and layouts for new projects, how to avoid conflicts related to gravity flow and subsequent dry utility installation.  Aetos is experienced in all types of underground materials including plastic, ductile iron and concrete pipe.

Site Work

Aetos Construction, LLC understands that proper site work is the foundation to a project’s success because it sets the stage for everything that is to come whether constructing a hotel, restaurant or residential area.  Aetos will quickly mobilize equipment and labor resources to break ground, manage all site work details and actively solve potential problems and delays. Our use of the latest GPS technology will verify and guide the excavation and grading process for greater efficiency. From land clearing to erosion control to subgrade stabilization and excavation, we have the experience, equipment and staff to ensure your projects start on the right foot.

Flat Work

From parking lots to building pads, Aetos Construction, LLC takes pride in our quality concrete flatwork for all your outdoor needs. From excavation to cure you can feel confident your concrete project will meet all structural integrity and aesthetic requirements. Flatwork doesn’t have to be boring anymore. For specialized flatwork requirements, we can create interesting patterns and textures using modern techniques. In addition to new construction, Aetos can maintain or repair existing concrete surfaces to include minor cracks to major repairs.